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Guild EXTRA Show

5 pm Saturday, December 17
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"The stories I tell live in pockets of time, times I recognize as moments of familiarity, times that stay with me; they draw upon my firsthand experiences and a multitude of emotions that make up my life. They flavor it with joy, delight, fright, sadness, turmoil, tranquility, love, and peace.
Stories are influential and can tell many truths. They could be over a hundred years old or something that happened just yesterday, and the gift is ‘story’ and what significance it has for you, the listener."

About the teller:

Anne Penfound Storyteller

Anne Penfound

Anne Penfound joined Portland Storytellers Guild in 1966 as a novice teller when she moved from Scotland to Portland Oregon.

Her family always read bedtime stories, but this was her first adventure in oral storytelling, (not reading), to an audience outside of her immediate family.

She experienced feelings of

Fear: how would she remember a story?

Excitement: that she could remember it.

Exhilaration: that the audience enjoyed her telling.

Over the years Anne has told stories at many different venues, at schools, libraries, and festivals and now she delights in telling adults’ stories that are special to her, stories from pockets of time that continue to flavor her life.

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