February Guild Show

7pm Saturday, February 6

A Levitatious Evening of Escape
It’s a good time for a laugh. Or maybe Two. How About THREE. Join Trish Anderson, Patrick Gannon and Eric Foxman for stories, whether true or maybe-true, which we promise will put a smile on your face. In fact, we guarantee it: if you don’t laugh often during the evening, we’ll give you double your sorrows back! Join us to hear about: the whale that goes boom; ram, lamb, thank you ma’am; criminal M.O.s; and other stories. An evening of jocularity in all its richness.

About the tellers:

Trish Anderson

Trish Anderson has discovered that stories can distract us from our daily heap of sorrow, and sometimes even give hope and healing. Offstage, Trish is an editor and illustrator, painting pictures with words and telling stories with drawings.

Patrick Gannon

Patrick Gannon loved reading stories to his third-grade students. In retirement he focuses on historical accounts of people whose achievements have been rarely recognized by the public. 

Eric Foxman

Eric Foxman has retired to a corner of his library and become an armchair purveyor of stories that are funny, depict folks who overcome unusual circumstances, feature an unexpected ending or turn on a well-turned phrase.