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February Guild Show

7:30 pm Saturday, February 4
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There’s comfort in the expected and the everyday. But then our lives suddenly pick up speed, there’s an unexpected curve, and we’re off the rails once again!
How can you be sure what’s going to happen next when your community organizing turns nightmarish? Or you are far from home and the festival suddenly involves a rampaging mob and colored elephants? 
Did we mention when the outside world suddenly crashes in on you and your childhood friends, or when bartender brother Peter nudges Sister Maura’s student off the rails? You can jump the rails with storytellers Maura Doherty, Sarah Stein, and Eric Foxman; there’s no telling what might happen next. 
Will be live streamed and archived on Artichoke Café’s YouTube Channel. (type Portland Storytellers' Guild into the search box.)

About the tellers:

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Maura Doherty

Maura hails from the Bronx, loves her Irish heritage, and worked on environmental issues in Tennessee. She moved to the Northwest and specialized in protecting workers from hazards on the job. She savored their stories for decades and now writes and tells her stories as a tribute to them, her ancestors, and the mentors who have supported her along the way.

Sarah Stein storyteller

Sarah Stein

I was born in New York City in 1944. Many years later I worked as a Children's Librarian in Portland and that is where I discovered my love for storytelling.


I founded the Portland Storytellers Guild 37 years ago along with Ken Iverson and we are both amazed at how large it has grown.


As a native New Yorker, I love telling Jewish stories filled with irony and the special Jewish sense of humor.


Eric Foxman

Rounding out the trio from New York is Eric Foxman, who has told stories on both coasts, in Texas, New England, in eastern and western Canada, as well as England and Germany.  Eric will take you back to his roots with moments that stand out from his early days in Manhattan.

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