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Storytelling – A vibrant Art

Current  Season in Production

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 Guild shows only $15

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave
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Next season enjoy our monthly second Saturday Performances and our PSG EXTRA shows highlighting a single teller.

All registrants for the virtual Guild Extra shows will get an email the day after the performance with a link to watch the recording during the following week.  This is a bonus second chance, or if you missed the evening, you get to enjoy the stories at your leisure. Come and join us!


We strive to make our venues accessible.

If you have a disability and need accommodation, please .

Want to tell a story? Improve your craft?

Check out our story swaps and workshops

Our plan is for story swaps, workshops and most shows to be live at Artichoke Music. All Guilld Extra shows will be virtual using zoom

Image by Aditya Wardhana

7:30 pm Saturday, June 3
The Sarah Hauser Festival of Stories
featuring 'The Crones'

Tales of Wise and Wily Women


Exactly how DID Penelope fend off all those pushy suitors?

And what secrets did Spider-Woman whisper in Anne’s ear that day in her garden? Join the Crones as they weave together an evening of wise and witty stories about wise and wily women!

Registration link is live!

Tellers: Anne Penfound, Julie Strozyk, Pam Maben,
           and Barb Fankhauser
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