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May Guild EXTRA Show

5pm Saturday, May 20th
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There's Always a Reason to Laugh!

Patrick Gannon will give you many reasons for a smile on your face.  Join the Guild for: Quotes of Confusion; A misspelling that lead to a misunderstanding; Portland's Answer to Northern Exposure's run; Miss Gladys' Wellness Program; A First Date that Ended with....
Join Patrick, and his guest Eric Foxman, for an hour of snickers, guffaws and belly laughs.
A virtual evening of stories,  Saturday, May 20  @ 5 PM
Tickets $15 per log-in; as many can watch as can fit at the screen.  
The program will be recorded and all registrants will receive a link to the recording the next day, so if you have a conflict, you need not miss a single chuckle.

About the tellers:

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Patrick Gannon

Patrick is a retired elementary school teacher who has been with the Guild for 8 years.
He tells a variety of stories including personal narratives, historical stories, folk tales, and children’s stories. He is particularly fond of telling stories about relatively unknown people who have made an impact on society. Of mostly Irish ancestry, he works at developing an Irish wit.


Eric Foxman

Eric Foxman has told stories on both coasts, in Texas, New England, in eastern and

western Canada, as well as England and Germany. While he has an in interest in folk

tales, historic stories and a smattering of personal narratives, Eric is especially tickled

and delighted with stories that have a streak of humor running through them.

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