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May Guild EXTRA Show

5pm Saturday, May 21
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Growing up was trickier than Ozzie and Harriet let on for a kid navigating the ambushes of his everyday life in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.
Thirty-five naked five-year-olds face their first Swimming Lesson at the YWCA;
the class trip discovers How Things Work at the slaughterhouse;
and our perpetual neighborhood baseball game confronts the falling Fighter Pilot.

In these funny and affecting stories, Steven Henegar calls up the everyday and the
fantastic from a Mid-western boyhood.

About the teller:

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Steven Henegar

Mid-westerner Steven Henegar celebrates the wonderful variety of stories we use to
share our lives. He calls up the everyday and the fantastic to discover feelings and
experiences that connect us all. The twenty-five year veteran performer and workshop
leader blends the easy conversation of his family’s storytelling with incisive imagery
shaped by a decade in the theater as an actor, writer and director. Truth & Lies mined
from a long life looking around.
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