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May Guild Show

7:30 pm Saturday, May 6th
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 All the amazing ways that we are awed, amazed, and astonished by people, and what they decide to do! Some struggles leave us exhausted, some invigorated. Not to mention the natural world with it’s 50 foot waves, and the quiet of a hummingbird both entrancing us. In the end, with a little perspective, we can see how they fit in with the whole, and we might say, “How about dat?!”


Three seasoned storytellers bring their own ‘How About Dat!’ moments to life on the Artichoke Cafe Stage.  Come prepared to laugh, be amazed, and perhaps to ask, ’Did that really happen?!’ Buckle up, it’ll be a wild ride!


The Stories:


Rick is reflecting on Shameful moments in parenting and How to get your kids to throw away THAT CD. The ‘Joy’ of being stuck in the snow listening to kids music.


Anne-Louise is thinking she will have a story about Power of Superman Underwear! Could it be Aunt Lena’s oversized drawers that she first saw when her aunties were hangin clothes in the bathroom to dry long, long ago? You’ll have to come and see!


Ken is leaning towards telling a story called, “It Was Dave’s Fault!”, about a journey in an exotic locale that turned a potential day at the beach into one of their life’s great adventures!

About the tellers:


Rick Huddle

Rick is the father of twin 6-year old boys. He can often be found picking up Legos thus saving him, and his wife, from stepping on them. Rick loves Ultimate Frisbee and once ran the largest U.F. tournament in the world. By day he is an engineer and guides utility companies to help them promote energy efficiency and manage the transition to clean energy. Thus his fascination with heat pumps! He is a meditator and believes meditation and social emotional learning can save the world.

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Anne-Louise Sterry

Anne-Louise is passionate about songwriting and sharing music. She has an alter ego, Aunt Lena, who knows everything about everything. Anne-Louise is an an olympic knitter, grandkids to whom I am addicted, and...

 my mission should I choose to accept it : to share the joy of music and storytelling around the world!


Ken Iverson

Ken is a dedicated father of four and is thankful that although grown, all have chosen to live in the Portland area so the family can share meals, and gatherings. Ken has loved stories all his life, beginning with tv and movies (Lassie, Ozzie and Harriet, etc.) and then people like Jonathan Winters, Shelley Berman, Bob Newhart, all comedians that moved from gags to stories to entertain people and poke fun at society. His first ‘gig’ as a storyteller was telling to his sons pre-school group. Ken says, “they were a perfect beginning audience…they didn’t listen to word I said!” He began telling stories when his older son was 3 and that son is now 45.

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