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Guild EXTRA Show

5pm Saturday, September17th.
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Pick your team then settle in and listen as the action unfolds. Storytellers’ Barbara Fankhauser and Ken Iverson will deliver a blow-by-blow description as Loki, Thor, and their mortal companion Thialfi compete against the giants to see who can eat more, run faster, drink deeper, pick up a cat, and wrestle an old woman to the ground! The competition is fierce – and the ending—unexpected, to say the least. Don’t miss a moment of the action!

About the tellers:


Ken Iverson

Ken Iverson has been telling stories most of his life. An early fascination with Jonathan Winters led him to write and perform stories for friends when he was 17 and he hasn't stopped yet! He loves the connection that sharing stories creates and how the telling of a story can bring people together.

Ken tells original stories and traditional and contemporary folktales and myths from around the world for audiences of all ages. He is a founding member and past-president of the Portland Storytelling Guild. He teaches workshops on Beginning Storytelling and on Harvesting Your Families Stories.

in 2014 Ken was awarded The National Storytelling Networks ORACLE Award for excellence in leadership and service to his community through storytelling (for the PAC region - CA, OR, WA, AK & HI).

More info at:


Barb Fankhauser

Barbara’s stories come from her life, her imagination and the richness of her Celtic and Norse heritage. For it’s in the middle of the rainbow bridge --where gods and mortals meet –that the stories get interesting.

Barbara Fankhauser


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