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Guild EXTRA Show

5pm (PDT) Saturday, April 15
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Stories from the past & future that illuminate the present
Enjoy original and vintage stories that have been rattling around award-winning storyteller Anne Rutherford's brain lately. The set includes a dystopian- and heart warming- folktale; two charming, unreliable narrators in a vintage story by O. Henry; and a tale of fleeing felines told in character as Anne's Wild-West alter ego, the adventuress Clementine Ryder. Oh, and a few jokes; because any show on Tax Day needs some laughs. No forms required!
Find more about Anne and her brain at

About the teller:


Anne Rutherford

Award-winning storyteller Anne Rutherford delights audiences nationwide with funny, moving performances that include tales of personal adventure, Pacific Northwest folklore and prize-winning tall tales. However, she is also five-time first place winner of the Northwest Folklife Liar’s Contest, so don’t believe everything she tells you.


She is currently telling stories in person and over the ether hither and yon —  find out more about her virtual shows at

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