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Guild EXTRA Show

5pm (PDT) Saturday, April 20th
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Mike Devenney grew up in an Irish Family in a home filled with 6 kids two parents and an occasional Aunt Ozzie. The home was filled with stories and laughter.

"My earliest memory was sitting in the lap of a man smoking a pipe. It was a big leather chair, and I was laughing. I recently told my older sister, Donna, about that memory, and she filled in the details. The Man was Uncle Jack. The leather chair was in my grandmother’s home. Along with my older sisters, Mimi and Donna, and my older brother Mark, we were watching Circus Boy on the TV. Three monkeys appeared on the screen and Uncle Jack joked that they looked just like us kids. Everybody laughed. Then Donna did the math and figured out that the year was 1954 and I was two years old."

In tonight’s Show, “Three Precious Gifts”, Mike will share with you six moments in his life that have have helped create who he is as a person. Three moments happened in his childhood and the other three moments were at a most unusual time.

About the teller:


Mike Devenney

Mike Devenney found his inspiration not in conventional places, like viewing great art or listening to music, but while waiting at a traffic light.  It was a hot day, already filled with disappointment and a sense of failure. The light, it seemed, would never turn green. But then, THERE IT WAS! Inspiration, in the form of a bumper sticker: “LIVE A GREAT LIFE”.  With that as his Sacred Scripture, Mike has led a life of Hope, Love and a willingness to say "Yes!" to new adventures. He’s discovered that Great Stories aren't found in places. They are, instead, found in people. And that led him to storytelling. 

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