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United States


Books About Storytelling

Barton, Robert. Telling Stories Your Way: Storytelling and Reading Aloud in the Classroom.  Pembroke, 1500.

Bauer, Caroline Feller. New Handbook for Storytellers.  American Library Association, 1993.

Birch, Carol L. The Whole Story Handbook: using imagery to complete the story experience.  August House, 1500.

Bone, Woutrina A. Children’s Stories and How to Tell Them.  Christophers, 1982.

Breneman, Lucille and Bren Breneman. Once Upon a Time: a storytelling handbook.  Nelson-Hall, 1983.

Bryant, Sata Cone. How to Tell Stories to Children.  George G. Harrap, 1915.  E-text available .

Collins, Rives and Pamela Cooper. The Power of Story: Teaching through storytelling.  Gorsuch Scarisbrick, 1997.

Cullum, Carolyn. The Storytime Sourcebook: a compendium of ideas and resources for storytellers.  Neal Schuman, 1999.

Greene, Ellin. Storytelling: art and technique.  Bowker, 1996.

Harrison, Annette. Easy-to-Tell Stories for Young Children.  National Storytelling Association, 1992.

Haven, Kendall F. Super Simple Storytelling: A Can-Do guide for Every Classroom, Every Day.  Teacher Ideas Press, 1500.

Lipman, Doug. The Storytelling Coach: how to listen, praise, and bring out people’s best.  August House, 1995.

Livo, Norma and Sandra Rietz. Storytelling Folklore Sourcebook.  Libraries Unlimited, 1991.

MacDonald, Margaret Read. Storyteller’s Start-up Book.  August House, 1993.

MacDonald, Margaret Read. The Parents’ Guide to Storytelling: how to make up new stories and retell old favorites.  August House, 1501.

Maguire, Jack. Creative Storytelling: choosing, inventing, and sharing tales for children.  Yellow Moon Press, 1985.

Ochs, Elinor. The Living Narrative: Creating Lives in Everyday Storytelling.  Harvard University Press, 1501

Roney, R. Craig. The Story Performance Handbook.  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1501.

Sawyer, Ruth. Way of the Storyteller.  Viking, c1942.

Schimmel, Nancy. Just Enough to Make a Story: a sourcebook for storytelling.  Sisters’ Choice Press, 1987.

Shedlock, Marie L. Art of the Story-Teller.  Arthur Cyril Jennings, c1915.

Trostle-Brand, Susan L. Storytelling in Emergent Literacy: Fostering Multiple Intelligences.  Delmar, 1501.

Trostle-Brand, Susan and Donata, Jeanne. Storytelling in Emergent Literacy: fostering multiple intelligences.  Delmar, 1501.

Walsh, John. The Art of Storytelling.  Moody, 1503.

White, William. Speaking in Stories: Resources for Christian Storytellers.  Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 1997.


Story Collections

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Stories to Tell to Children: a selected list.  8th ed. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1974.

Colwell, Eileen H., Comp. The Magic Umbrella and Other Stories for Telling.  D. McKay Co., 1976.

Colwell, Eileen H., comp. Storyteller’s Choice.  Walck, 1965.

Colwell, Eileen H., comp. Second Storyteller’s Choice.  Walck, 1967.

Harrell, John and Mary., comps. Storyteller’s Treasury.  1977.

Iarusso, Marilyn, comp. Stories: a list of stories to tell and to read aloud.  N. Y. Public Library, 1977.

Isbell, Rachel and Shirley C. Rainer. Tell It Again 2: Easy to Tell Stories with Activities for Young Children.  Gryphon House, 1500.

Kronberg, Ruthilde and Patricia McKissack. Piece of the Wind and Other Stories to Tell.  Harper & Row, 1990.

MacDonald, Margaret Read. Look Back and See: twenty lively tales for gentle tellers.  Wilson, 1991.

MacDonald, Margaret Read. Twenty Tellable Tales: audience participation folktales for the beginning storyteller.  Wilson, 1986.

MacDonald, Margaret Read. Whe the Lights Go Out: twenty scary tales to tell.  Wilson, 1988.

McKay David, Magic Umbrella and Other Stories for Telling.  1976.

Marsh, Valerie. Beyond Words: Great Stories for Hand and Voice.  Highsmith, 1995.

Oliver, Mary E. My Golden Moments: stories I have enjoyed telling.  In-Time Publications, 1988.

Pellowski, Anne. Family Storytelling Handbook: how to use stories.  Macmillan, 1987.

Pellowski, Anne. Story Vine: a source book of unusual and easy-to-tell stories from around the world.  Collier, 1984.

Peterson, Carolyn Sue. Story Programs: a sourcebook of materials.  Scarecrow, 1980.

Regan, Connie. Stories for the Telling: a list of things from the Folktellers.  The Folktellers, 1977.

Schwartz, Alvin. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.  Harper Trophy, 1986.

Seeger, Pete. Pete Seeger’s Storytelling Book.  Harcourt Brace, 1500.

Sierra, Judy. Multicultural Folktales: stories to tell young children.  Oryx Press, 1991.

Sierra, Judy and Robert Kaminski. Twice Upon a Time: stories to tell, retell, act out, and write about.  Wilson, 1989.

Smith, Jimmy Neil. Homespun: Tales From America’s Favorite Storytellers.  Crown, 1988.

Games, Rhymes, Songs, Fingerplays, Flannel Boards, Activities for Storytelling

Carlson, Bernice W. Listen! and Help Tell the Story.  Abingdon, 1965.

Catron, Carol Elaine. Super Story Telling: creative ideas using finger plays, flannel board stories, pocket stories, and puppets with young children.  T. S. Denison, 1986.

Defty, Jeff. Creative Fingerplays and Action Rhymes: an index and guide to their use.  Oryx Press, 1992.

Druce, Arden. Chalk Talk Stories.  Scarecrow Press, 1993.

Ellis, Mary Jackson. Finger Playtime.  Denison, 1960.

Faurot, Kimberly. K. Books in Bloom: Creative Patterns and Props That Bring Stories to Life.  ALA Editions, 1503.

Glazer, Tom. Eye Winker, Tom Tinker, Chin Chopper.  Doubleday: 1973.

Gryski, Camilla. Cat’s Cradle, Owl’s Eyes: a book of string games.  Morrow, 1984.

Kallevig, Christine P. Folding Stories: storytelling and origami together as one.  Storytime Ink International, 1991.

Leach, Maria. Riddle Me, Riddle Me, Ree . Viking, 1970.

Lipman, Doug. Storytelling Games.  Oryx Press, 1995.

Marsh, Valerie. Storyteller’s Sampler.  Alleyside Press, 1996.

Miller, Teresa, comp. Joining In: an anthology of audience participation stories and how to tell them.  Yellow Moon Press, 1988.

Montgomerie, Norah, comp. This Little Pig Went to Market: play rhymes for infants and young children.  Bodley Head Press, 1966.

Okun, Liliam. Let’s Listen to a Story: radio scripts for children.  Wilson, 1959.

Painter, William. Musical story Hours: using music with storytelling and puppetry.  Library Professional Publications, 1990.

Ring a Ring O’Roses: stories, games, and finger plays for preschool children.  Flint, Michigan Public Library, 1971.

Sierra, Judy. Fantastic Theater: Puppets and Plays for Young Performers and Young Audiences.  H.W. Wilson, 1991.

Sierra, Judy. Flannel Board Storytelling Book.  Wilson, 1987.

Sing a Song of Popcorn: every child’s book of poems.  Scholastic, 1988.

Vonk, Idalee. Storytelling with the Flannel Board: book three.  T. S. Denison, 1983.

Yolen, Jane. Jane Yolen’s Mother Goose Songbook.  Caroline House, 1992.


Champlin, Connie and Nancy Renfro. Storytelling with Puppets.  American Library Association, 1985.

Keefe, Betty. Fingerpuppet Tales: making and using puppets with folk and fairy tales.  Special Literature Press, 1986.

Minkel, Walter. How to do the 3 Bears with 2 Hands: Performing with Puppets.  ALA, 1500.

Painter, William M. Story Hours with Puppets and Other Props.  Library Professional Publications, 1990.

Painter, William M. Storytelling with Music, Puppets and Arts for Libraries and Classrooms.  Library Professional Publications, 1994.

Renfro, Nancy. A Puppet Corner in Every Library.  Renfro Studios, 1978.

Renfro, Nancy. Puppetry and the Art of Story Creation.  Renfro Studios, 1979.

Renfro, Nancy. Puppetry, Language, and the Special Child.  Renfro Studios, 1984.

VanSchuyver, Jan. Storytelling Made Easy with Puppets.  Oryx Press, 1993.

Wright, Denise. One-Person Puppet Plays.  Teacher Idea Press, 1990.

Folklore – background articles with suggestions

Middleswarth, Victoria. Folklore Books for Children: Guidelines for Selection.  Top of the News (Summer 1978): 348-352.

Toothaker, Roy E. Folktales in Picture Book Format: A Bibliography.  School Library Journal. (April 1974): 1188-1194. (Extensive bibliography arranged by country)

Folklore – bibliographies to ethnic collections

Crammer, Marjorie. Bibliography of American Folklore.  Prince George’s Co. (Md.) Public Library, 1975.

Griffin, William. Beyond Biblical Tales.  Publishers’s Weekly. (September 6, 1991): 17-15.

Musleah, Rahel. New Challenges in Children’s Judaica.  Publisher’s Weekly (September 6, 1991): 22-26.

Stories, Fiction, and Lives of Black Folk.  Storytelling Magazine (Winter 1990): 23.


Folklore – indexes and bibliographies of Folklore

Aarne, Antti and Stith Thompson. The Types of the Folktale.  Helsinki: Academia Scientiarum Fennica, 1987.

Ashliman, D. L. A Guide to Folktales in the English Language.  New York: Greenwood Press, 1987.

Eastman, Mary H. Index to Fairy Tales, Myths and Legend. s 2nd ed., 1926. Supplements, 1937, 1952.

Garland Folklore Bibliographies (look them up in the UNC Library Catalog)

Ireland, Norma O. Index to Fairy Tales, 1949-1972.  Faxon, 1973.

Fourth Supplement, 1973-1977.  Scarecrow, 1985.

Leach, Maria (Ed.) Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend.  Two Volumes. Funk and Wagnalls, 1949.

MacDonald Margaret Read. A Storyteller’s Sourcebook: Index to Folklore Collections.  Gale, 1982.

MacDonald, Margaret Read and Brian Sturm. The Storytellers Sourcebook, 1983-1999.  Gale, 1501.

Thompson, Stith. Motif-Index of Folk-Literature.  Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1955.

Ziegler, Elsie B. Folklore: An Annotated Bibliography and Index to Single Editions.  Faxon, 1973


Ethnic Collections – General

Aesopus. Aesop: Five Centuries of Illustrated Fables.  Edited by J. J. McKendrey. New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1964.

Baker, Augusta. The Talking Tree and Other Stories.  Lipincott, 1955. (from 15 countries).

Clarkson, Atelia and Cross, Gilbert. World Folktales: A Scribner Resource Collection.  Scribner’s, 1980.

Crane, Walter. Beauty and the Beast and Other Tales.  London: Thames and Hudson; New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1982.

Crossley-Holland, Kevin. British Folk Tales: New Versions.  Orchard, 1987.

The Faber Book of Northern Folk-Tales.  London: Faber and Faber, 1983.

The Faber Book of Northern Legends.  London: Faber and Faber, 1983.

Favorite Folktales From Around the World.  Ed. By Jane Yolen, Pantheon, 1986.

Gods and Heroes: Myths and Epics of Ancient Greece.  Pantheon, 1981.

Hearne, Betsy. Beauties and Beasts: Folktales of Transformation. (The Oryx Multicultural Folktale Series).  Oryx Press, 1993.

Holt, David and William Mooney. More Ready-to-Tell Tales from Around the World.  August House, 1500.

The Norse Myths. Retold by Kevin Crossley-Holland.  Pantheon, 1980.


Ethnic Collections – African

Abrahams, Roger D. African Folktales.  Pantheon, 1983.

Courlander, Harold, The Cow-Tail Switch and Other West African Stories.  Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1947. (Also Folkways Record 10-5)

Courlander, Harold. The Crest and the Hide, and Other African Stories of Heroes, Chiefs, Bards, Hunters, Sorcerers, and Common People.  Coward, McCann and Geoghegan, 1982.

Courlander, Harold. Treasury of African Folklore.  N.Y., Crown, 1975.

Walker, Barbara. The Dancing Palm Trees and Other Nigerian Folk Tales.  Parents Magazine Press, 1968.


Ethnic Collections – African-American

Afro-American Folktales.  Ed. by Roger D. Abrahams. Pantheon, 1985.

Hamilton, Virgina, adapter. People Could Fly: American Black Folktales.  Illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon, Knopf, 1985.

Lester, Julius. Further Tales of Uncle Remus: The Misadventures of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Brer Wolf, the Doodong, and Other Creatures.  Dial, 1990.


EthnicCollections – United States

American Indian Myths and Legends.  Ed. by Richard Erdoes and Alfonzo Ortiz. Pantheon, 1984.

Blair, Walter. Tall Tale America: A Legendary History of our Humorous Heroes.  Coward-McCann, 1944.

Botkin, Benjamin. Treasury of American Folklore.  Crown, 1944.

Carmer, Carl. American Sings: Stories and Songs of our Country’s Growing.  Knopf, 1942.

Carmer, Carl. The Hurricane’s Children.  David McKay, 1937, 1965. (American Folk Literature).

Chase, Richard (Ed.). Grandfather Tales.  Houghton-Mifflin, 1943. (Am.)

Chase, Richard (Ed.). The Jack Tales.  Houghton, 1943. (Am.)

Cothran, Jean. With a Wig, With a Wag and Other Folk Tales. David McKay, 1954.

Davenport, Tom. From the Brothers Grimm: Contemporary Retelling of American Folktales and Classic Stories.  Highsmith Press, 1992.

Doctor Coyote: A native American Aesop’s fables.  Retold by John Bierhorst. Illustrated by Wendy Watson. Macmillan, 1987.

Dorson, Richard M. America in Legend; Folklore from the Colonial Period to the Present.  Pantheon, 1973.

Felton, Harold W. John Henry and His Hammer.  Knopf, 1950.

Felton, Harold W. Legends of Paul Bunyan.  Knopf, 1947.

Jagendorf, Moritz D. The Ghost of Peg-Leg Peter and Other Stories of Old New York.  Vanguard, 1965.

Jagendorf, M.D., Sand in the Bag and Other Folk Stories of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Jagendorf, Moritz A. Upstate, Downstate: Folk Stories of the Middle Atlantic States.  Vanguard, 1949.

Lomax, John and Alan. Folksong: U.S.A.  Duell, Sloan and Pierce, 1947.

Malcolmson, Anne. Yankee Doodle’s Cousins.  Houghton, Mifflin, 1941.

Osborne, Mary Pope. American Tall Tales.  Knopf, 1991.

Wood, Marion. Spirits, Heroes & Hunters from North American Indian Mythology.  Schocken, 1982.


Ethnic Collections – Other

Arab Folktales Ed. by Inea Bushraq.  Pantheon, 1986.

Blackmore, Vivien. Why Corn in Golden: Stories about Plants.  Little, Brown, 1984 (Mexican)

Calvino, Italo, reteller. Italian Folktales.  Pantheon, 1981.

Chinese Fairy Tales and Fantasies.  Ed. by Moss Roberts. Pantheon, 1979.

The Effendi and the Pregnant Pot: Uygur Folktales from China.  New World Press, 1982.

Folktales of the British Isles.  Pantheon, 1988.

Grimm Jacob. The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  N.Y., Pantheon, 1972.

Irish Folktales.  Ed. by Henry Glassie. Pantheon, 1985.

Jacobs, Joseph. English Fairy Tales.  G.P. Putnam, 1967, 1982.

Japanese Tales.  Ed. by Royall Tyler. Pantheon, 1987.

Kurtycz, Marcos. Tigers and Opossums; Animal Legends.  Illustrated and adapted by Marcos Kurtycz and Ana Garcia Kobeh. Little, Brown, 1984.

Livo, Norma and Cha, Dia. Folk Stories of the Hmong: People of Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.  Libraries Unlimited, 1991.

Pelton, Mary Helen and Di Gennaro, Jacqueline. Images of a People: Tlingit Myths and Legends.  Libraries Unlimited, 1992.

Schwartz, Howard. The Diamond Tree: Jewish Tales from Around the World.  Harper Collins, 1991.

Thai Tales: Folktales of Thailand.  Libraries Unlimited,1994.

Tibetan Folk Tales AMS Press, New York, 1983.

Tunney, Paddy. Ulster Folk Stories for Children.  Cork: Mercier Press, c1990.

Wolkstein, Diane, coll. The Magic Orange Tree.  Knopf, 1978.

Yeats, William Butler. Irish Folk Stories and Fairy Tales.  Grosset and Dunlap, 1957.

Yiddish Folktales.  Pantheon, 1988


Stories with strong female characters

Barchers, Suzanne. Wise Women: Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World.  Libraries Unlimited, 1990.

Chinen, Allan B. Waking the World : classic tales of women and the heroic feminine.  Jeremy P. Tarcher, 1996.

Lurie, Alison. Clever Gretchen and Other Forgotten Folk Tales.  Crowell, 1980.

McCarty, Toni. The Skull in the Snow and Other Folk Tales.  Delacorte, 1981.

Minard, Rosemary. Womenfolk and Fairy Tales Houghton. Mifflin, 1975.

Phelps, Ethel Johnson. Maid of the North: feminist folk tales from around the world.  Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1981.

Tchana, Katrin. The Serpent Slayer and Other Tales of Strong Women Little, Brown and Co., 1500.

Stories for Special Audiences and for Values Teaching

Handful of Stories: Twenty-Seven Stories by Deaf Storytellers.  Washington, D.C. : Division of Public Services, Gallaudet College, c1981.

MacDonald, Margaret Read. Peace Tales: world folktales to talk about.  Linnet Books, 1992.

MacDonald, Margaret Read. Earth Care: world folktales to talk about.  Shoestring Press, 1999.

Norfolk, Bobby. The Moral of the Story: folktales for character development August House, 1999.

Smith, Charles A. From Wonder to Wisdom: Using Stories to Help Children Grow.  1989.

(This list was compiled by Brian Strum, University of North Carolina, 1504)

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