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June Guild Show

7:30 pm Saturday, June 8th
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Remember ol’ whatsisname?
Spinning Stories from a common thread


Was it Rumpelstiltskin? Or Tom-Tit-Tot? Or maybe it was Whuppity Stoorie?


So many names, all spinning out of one story: Guess my name or give me your firstborn.


But is anything ever that clear-cut? Consider - is Rumpelstiltskin a villain or a savior? Is the maiden a victim or a heroine?


Spend an evening listening to experienced tellers spin versions of this age-old tale--then decide for yourself where the truth lies.

About the tellers:


Anne Penfound

“Storytelling by Word of Mouth” – a passport to journeys of the imagination.


Anne presents a unique oral interpretation of original stories and multicultural tales which have inspired audiences since 2001. Her style, facial expression, voice and gestures along with her British sense of humor take you right to the heart of the story.   These stories fan the embers of experience and tickle our funny bone with the enjoyment of life. (58)


Her story for June’s ‘Sarah Hauser Festival of Stories’ comes from Cornwall in the British Isles, home of her husband’s ancestors and is called ‘Duffy and the Devil’


Anne says, “Stories weave magic, enrich my soul and bring joy to my life”


Pam Mayben

Pam Maben believes that our stories tell us who we are.  As portals to the archetypal world, they help us understand the events of our lives and the world around us.  She is especially intrigued by folklore and mythology which have been bringing truth to people and illuminating their lives for thousands of years.


Steven Henegar

Mid-westerner Steven Henegar celebrates the wonderful variety of stories we use to share our lives. He calls up the everyday and the fantastic to discover feelings and experiences that connect us all. The twenty-five year veteran performer and workshop leader blends the easy conversation of his family’s storytelling with incisive imagery and word play shaped by a decade in the theater. Truth & Lies mined from a long life looking around.


Eric Foxman

Eric Foxman has been an active storyteller for almost three decades.  Starting with literary stories, his association with the Portland Storytellers’ Guild helped him deepen his artistic well to include folktales, historic stories and the occasional personal chronical.  With an interest in the ‘that-is-just-unbelievable’ in stories, Eric draws on various resources to bring his audiences a program to remember

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Barbara Fankhauser

From the time Barbara’s father introduced her to Goldilocks and the three bears stories grabbed her and never let her go.  She began to telling stories the first time she got into trouble, leading her to a life in advertising copywriter where they actually paid her to tell stories.

When she found the Portland Storytellers Guild in 1989 she knew she’d found “her people”.


Janice Alexander

Janice Alexander joined the Portland Storytellers Guild in 2015, shortly before retirement, and has been telling tales ever since. (Some based in fact, others not.)  She especially enjoys sharing thought-provoking stories.

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