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December Guild Show

7:30 pm Saturday, December 9
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The hearth fire! What better place to meet with family and friends, as the clock embraces the winter nights? Humankind has met here since the beginning, telling stories and myths to dream on, stiffen our resolve, and melt our hearts. Old tales are heard, cautioning us to better behavior, and new stories are shared, inspiring us with what is in our hearts. In this season of longer nights, who better to cozy up with than John Wylder, Brian Rohr, and Trish Anderson, our team of storytellers, as they share their stories at the hearth fire. Come to our fireside for the warmth and depth stories can bring.

About the tellers:

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John Wylder

John Wylder is a retired renaissance man having worked for the last 40 years as a banker, teacher, computer security professional, tour guide, author, and international sports judge. He loves storytelling, traveling and sitting around the hearth with family and friends while enjoying a glass of wine.

He lives in Lake Owego, Oregon with the love of his life and their two cats.

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Brian Rohr

Brian Rohr ( is a professional storyteller and poet who has taught and performed at major conferences, festivals, high schools, universities, synagogues and libraries throughout the country. Brian often focuses on the old stories – the myths, folktales and fairy tales – that can inform us on how to live our lives, helping to make sense and meaning of our own living world.


Trish Anderson

Inveterate storyteller Trish Anderson is a former technical writer and illustrator with roots in the Pacific Northwest. She loves to tell whimsical and surprising stories that scramble here-and-now with there-and-then, with a little once-upon-a-time thrown in for good measure.

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