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Guild EXTRA Show

5:00 pm Saturday, January 21
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The first half of the show will be folktales from Norm’s Norwegian Heritage.  Old stories dynamically told with bright eyes and a refreshing, unique voice. The first set will contain a Norwegian variation of Rumpelstiltskin with a blue-collar worker turn. In the second half, he’ll tell genuine humorous stories from his life growing up on the Oregon Coast. This set will include the funniest story you’ve ever heard about acute appendicitis.

About the teller:

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Norm Brecke

Before Norm Brecke become a full-time professional storyteller, he was an award-winning teacher who told stories daily in his kindergarten classroom and taught storytelling skills to students after school. He enjoys singing and playing stringed instruments when he tells. Norm has told stories from Washington State to Florida, LA to BC. He’s been a featured teller at the Powellswood (2012), Art of the Story (2017), Stone Soup (2018), The Ark (2020), and Florida (2021) Storytelling Festivals. Norm has also narrated for the Seattle Symphony (2012), told at Seattle Art Museum (2014), and National Storytelling Summit (2017 & 2018). He has been a Showcase Storyteller at Northwest Folklife in Seattle twelve times. His CD, The Rough Edge of the Ocean, a collection of personal stories of growing up on the Oregon Coast was won honors by Storytelling World in 2020.


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