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Guild EXTRA Show

5pm Saturday, March 18
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Ireland is a land with a rich history of Saints, and Sinners too. The Fairy Folk roam freely across the land and often a common person gets caught up in their mischief, perhaps to their regret, possibly to their benefit. An hour of Irish stories with PSG founding member, Storyteller Ken Iverson.

About the teller:


Ken Iverson

Ken Iverson is a founding member and a past (now current!) presidentof the Portland Storytellers’ Guild. He tells original stories as well as traditional and contemporary folktales, myths, and tall tales from around the world. He loves the connection that sharing stories creates and how a story can bring people together. He loves laughter and delights in the power of words to form images that transport us to another place or time.Join Ken as he shares some of his most beloved Irish stories in Honor of St. Patrick.

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