March Guild Show

7pm Saturday, March 5
tapestry of friends2(2)_edited.jpg
Howard Adler, Sarah Stein and Trish Anderson present a wealth of stories about friendship in all its many colors and shades: the healing properties of friendship, what might happen if friends quarrel, how to know which friend loves the other the most, and how things are never quite as scary when you have a friend.

About the tellers:


Howard Adler

Howard Adler has been telling stories all his life, originally to get himself out of trouble with his Mom and the law. His focus has changed since that time to include personal stories, traditional tales and original written myths and legends. As a child he was known for his wild imagination. Now he is known as a storyteller. Howard eagerly awaits becoming known as the keeper of the wisdom.

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Sara Stein

Sarah Stein is proud to be one of the founders of the Guild. She has been doing storytelling for almost 40 years and still has not lost the excitement of telling a story. She likes to tell folk and fairy tales and sometimes a personal tale. As a native New Yorker she loves telling Jewish tales because of their special humor.


Trish Anderson

Trish Anderson loves to tell whimsical and surprising stories that just might resonate beyond making you laugh. Like any good art, stories can distract us from our daily heap of sorrow, and sometimes even give hope and healing.