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November Guild Show

7:30 pm Saturday, November 18
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Our lives are full of stories. Tellabration™ brings live storytelling to over 400 sites around the world on just a single evening, November 18, 2023. The Portland Storytellers Guild joins the National Storytelling Network to share six outstanding storytellers. 
They share contemporary and traditional visions of our world that will touch your heart and fire your imaginations – from the princess of fast pitch softball to a strange encounter in the woods; from a famous actor finding his way to a mighty trickster losing his; from a tongue twisting romp through Cinderella to a suburban neighborhood slowly turning into a cheap sci-fi movie.
Join local storytellers Barb Fankhauser, Eric Foxman, Steven Henegar, Ken Iverson, Anne Penfound, and Gretchen Peterson to find out how this all happened.

About the tellers:

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Barb Fankhauser

Barbara has been telling stories with the Portland Storytellers Guild since 1989. She delights in tales from all traditions, it is the great Celtic and Norse epics of her own ethnicity—along with mid-life and elder tales—that take her heart these days. Although, spicing up a traditional story isn’t out of the question, either.


Eric Foxman

Eric Foxman has told stories on both coasts, in Texas, New England, in eastern and western Canada, as well as England and Germany. Eric will share a little known tale out of our Southwest Native heritage.

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Steven Henergar

Mid-westerner Steven Henegar celebrates the wonderful variety of stories we use to share our lives. He calls up the everyday and the fantastic to discover feelings and experiences that connect us all. The twenty-five year veteran performer and workshop leader blends the easy conversation of his family’s storytelling with incisive imagery and word play shaped by a decade in the theater as an actor, writer and director. Truth & Lies mined from a long life looking around.

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Ken Iverson

Ken Iverson entered the Air Force at age 17. Like Cinderella he was trying to escape from an evil step-parent (it worked!). Ken loves how a story can be a bridge, bringing people together. He’s a founding member of the Portland Storytellers’ Guild and is currently it’s President. He began telling stories when postage stamps cost 4 cents! More info at:

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Anne Penfound Storyteller

Anne Penfound

Anne Penfound “Storytelling by Word of Mouth” – a passport to journeys of the imagination. Anne presents a unique oral interpretation of original stories and multicultural tales which have inspired audiences since 2001. Her style and quirky British humor, facial expression, voice and gestures take you right to the heart of the story. These stories fan the embers of experience and tickle our funny bone with the enjoyment of life. Anne says, “Stories weave magic, enrich my soul and bring joy to my life”

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Gretchen Peterson A Name from a Fairy Tale_Izumi Productions_Anna Caitlin Photography copy

Gretchen Peterson

Gretchen Peterson joined Portland Storytellers Guild in 2014, and she has told stories on stage and on Zoom. She has also been the Emcee for many PSG shows. She also wrote and performed two one-woman shows with Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival: “Persephone, Xoa, Iris” and “Gretchen Peterson: A Name from a Fairy Tale.” She enjoys telling historical tales and personal stories, and she also creates original folktales, fairy tales and myths. Her mantra is, “I have a story, and my voice matters!”

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