October Guild Show

7pm Saturday, October 2
October post card.png

Sometimes you need a story more than food.

Let a retired librarian, a favorite grandpa, and a homeschooling mom entertain you with tales that are seeing them through these difficult times. From fantastic lore and witchcraft to personal fables and faux pas, it's an evening sure to sustain least for the night!

About the tellers:


Pam Maben

Pam Maben believes that our stories tell us who we are and offer us wisdom as we navigate our lives.  As a school librarian she was introduced to a wide variety of stories especially folklore and mythology that has been an inexhaustible source of possible ways of looking at the world.  She is a member of the Guild of Sacred Storytellers and a part of The Crones storytelling group.


Patrick Gannon

Patrick Gannon is a retired, elementary schoolteacher who was raised in rural, northern Wisconsin. He likes sharing the biographies of little known but significant people and obscure but meaningful, historical events. He also shares children's stories and personal narratives.


Holly Robison

Holly Robison became a Homeschool Mom during the pandemic and isn't looking back! Family time is all the time at her house and yet she still finds time to create stories. She is working on a year long Telling Tuesdays project on Youtube. She looks forward to more story sharing around the world as she has in the past in Canada, Australia, and many places in the US.