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October Guild Show

7:30pm Saturday, October 1st
Harvest Moon Portland October 2022_1_edited.png

Join storytellers Pam Maben, Chetter Galloway and Ingrid Nixon for a bountiful night of stories hosted by the Portland Storytellers Guild. Live on Zoom.

About the tellers:


Pam Maben

Story enriches our lives in many ways.  It can bring us a greater sense of truth than factual information.  Pam Maben has been immersed in this world of story for more than 25 years.  She finds a never-ending source of deep wisdom in folklore and mythology.


Chetter Galloway

Chetter Galloway grew up hearing his father tell stories on Sunday Road trips. One of his favorite stories was The Talking Skull, a West African cautionary tale where a man loses his head! Chetter graduated  from East Tennessee State University with a Master of Arts degree in Storytelling and often includes African drumming with his performances.  In his spare time, Chetter is an avid runner who enjoys creating stories while he’s running!


Ingrid Nixon

Ingrid Nixon is an award-winning, world-traveling storyteller who whisks listeners away on journeys of the imagination. Exploration nail-biters, tall tales, traditional and personal stories—she tells them all on international expeditions, and at venues around the country, including the National Storytelling Festival. She holds a Masters in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University. She hails from Alaska. More at

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