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October Guild Show

7:30pm Saturday, October 14th
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Join Ken Iverson, Patrick Gannon, and Janice Alexander as they share a variety of stories that lead to unforeseen consequences. From the plight of the 'Famine Irish' to what happens when the Spirit of the Woods comes knocking at your door; choices, like pebbles thrown in still water, lead to ripples of unexpected outcomes.

About the tellers:

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Ken Iverson

Ken Iverson entered the Air Force at age 17. Tonight’s theme ‘The Good, The Bad, and the Unexpected’ describe that experience, and his life. Ken loves how a story can bring people together. He helped found the Portland Storytellers’ Guild and is currently it’s President. He began telling stories when postage stamps cost 4 cents!

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Patrick Gannon

As a retired elementary school teacher, Patrick Gannon has always been fascinated how stories comprise so much of the language arts. Though he tells a variety of stories, he is particularly fond of sharing historical and biographical stories of people and events of which many people are unaware.


Janice Alexander

Janice Alexander joined the Portland Storytellers Guild in 2015, shortly before retirement, and has been telling tales ever since.(Some based in fact, others not.) She especially enjoys sharing thought-provoking stories..

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