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September Guild Show

7:30 pm Saturday, September 3rd

You’re invited as we kick off an outstanding new season of stories with Portland Storytellers’ Guild, our region’s premier organization mentoring and showcasing exquisite tellers for over three decades

Join seasoned storytellers Brian Rohr, Kriya Kaping, and Eric Foxman who bring a range of tales uncovering the hidden, the unknown, and the possibilities of the unexpected.

It’s a season opening live performance of stories to thrill and delight. at the Artichoke cafe. MAP  Doors open at 7 pm.Tickets $15. Masks required.

The performance will also be live-streamed on Artichoke Music’s YouTube Channel.

Come for the stories. Stay for the laughs. Leave having learned a thing or two.

About the tellers:


Brian Rohr

Brian Rohr ( is a professional storyteller who has taught and performed

at major conferences, festivals, high schools,universities, synagogues and libraries

throughout the country. Brian often focuses on the old stories – the myths, folktales and

fairy tales –that inform us on how to live our lives, helping to make sense and meaning

of our own living world.


Kriya Kaping

Kriya Kaping is a storyteller,multimedia creative director, and educator with regional and international work creating a wide variety of trainings and adult education initiatives. Kriya is a seasoned storyteller and facilitator and has collaborated with NW Creative & Expressive Arts Institute, Antioch University, and many others. She has performed with multiple groups including Portland Storytellers' Guild, and Story District (Speakeasy DC).


Eric Foxman

Eric Foxman, turned to storytelling a quarter century ago to share literary tales that had

deeply touched him. Since then, he has performed in New York, New England, the

Southwest, and throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as Canada, Germany, and

England, his repertoire has grown to encompass personal stories, traditional legends,

and historic tales

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