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September Guild Show

7:30 pm Saturday, September 9th
Stepping into the Unknown Kristen version.png

A doorway, a fork, a bend in the road, a decision about the future… there are many ways to step into the unknown.  Whether literally walking into a fog where you can’t see the path or trying something new for the first time the unknown can fill us with anxiety and excitement.  Join Gretchen Peterson, Wink Harner, and Juliana Person for an evening of stories exploring the unknown. New experiences and new places (both intentional and unintentional) await… STEPPING INTO THE UNKNOWN.

About the tellers:

Gretchen Peterson A Name from a Fairy Tale_Izumi Productions_Anna Caitlin Photography copy

Gretchen Peterson

Gretchen Peterson joined Portland Storytellers Guild in 2014 and has told stories live on stage and on Zoom. She also wrote and performed two one-woman shows with Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival: “Persephone, Xoa, Iris” and “Gretchen Peterson: A Name from a Fairy Tale”.      

She enjoys crafting personal stories, original folktales, fairy tales, and myths, usually with the theme of women who love women. Her mantra is, “I have a story, and my voice matters!”

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Wink Harner

A multilingual storyteller transplanted from Arizona performing in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English, with some Quechua and Nahuatl thrown in. Studied and performed with the South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute in Phoenix AZ. Crafts all types of stories & favorites are ones with humorous twists, unexpected outcomes, or flat out lies. First a professor of languages, now a professor of adaptive technology, a trombonist, and a storyteller. A member of Portland Storytellers Guild in Portland.

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Juliana Person

Juliana got her start in storytelling somewhat by accident when she was chosen from the audience to tell a 5-minute story at a PSG show intermission.  Instantly hooked, she now tells stories intentionally whenever she has the time.  Things that take time away from her storytelling include her job as a winery lab manager, time with her husband, and her love of outdoor adventure and travel… all of which lead to more stories to tell!


youtube story playlist  


5 minute Hair story youtube video

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