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Professional Teller

Anne Penfound

Adults and seniors
Story types:
Original and multicultural tales, personal stories and ghost stories
Themed programs and workshops available
Sample video:

About the Teller

Anne Penfound, “Storytelling By Word of Mouth” – a passport to journeys of the imagination.

A native of the United Kingdom, and professional storyteller since 2002, Anne teaches, performs and inspires multi-age audiences with her unique interpretation of original and multicultural tales.

Anne presents “A Way with Words” storytelling in the oral tradition for adults and elders. She believes that storytelling acts as a catalyst which evokes memories, sparks the imagination, and develops cultural awareness while fanning the embers of our experiences to give them life, depth and meaning.

Anne brings to her storytelling experience as a roster artist with the Young Audiences Arts for Learning in Oregon and SW Washington, narrator for Mythobolus Mask Theater and a founding member of a three women storytelling troop – “Storytellers III”. She performed at Seattle Folklife Festival and won the Liars Contest when she competed in 2006 and has been invited to participate in Storytelling Festivals throughout the Pacific NW.

Currently she is a member of ‘The Crones’, Storytelling Troupe,  and takes part in ‘ LOES’ a private storytelling group which provides support and feedback for its members.

Anne says that stories bring joy to her life. Her personal tales are laced with a sense of humor that most listeners can relate to. Ask her to tell you a ghost story and you are guaranteed to feel a shiver down your spine; she even has her own encounter with two ghosts that she will be delighted to tell you about.  “ Storytelling By Word of Mouth” - a passport to journeys of the imagination.
Contact Anne to inquire about her performances.
Portland, Oregon
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