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April Guild Show

7:30 pm Saturday, April 13
Journeys: Real and Imagined
Journeys can take us into darkness.  And bring us back out again. A building, mountains that speak, a falling car: These take our storytellers – and you -- down paths of closure and completion. Join Rick, Valentina and Eric as they embrace peace and comfort and the ends of the journeys.

About the tellers:


Rick Huddle

Rick Huddle has performed school assemblies all over the United States, Mexico, Thailand, & Colombia. He’s a registered professional engineer and spends most of his days dreaming up ways to get more people to install air source heat pumps. His favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings is to ride his bike to random coffee shops or go ecstatic dancing. Rick has 7-year old twins who help him explore emotional regulation techniques.


Valentina Ortiz

A Mexican storyteller and musician, Valentina Ortiz lives between Oregon and Mexico City. She has published 4 books and produced 4 records of her stories and music. Valentina is exploring bilingual storytelling as well as writing about the healing powers of community storytelling. As an experienced storyteller, she is the recipient of the Mexican government grant for the next three years.


Eric Foxman

After decades exploring the remotest corners of the globe collecting tales, Eric Foxman had thought of retiring to a dim and distant corner of his library and becoming an armchair storyteller. Yet his travels continue; two recent journeys have inspired this evening’s look back at a momentous event in London.  Travel back with Eric and experience it yourself.

Foxman tells L&P:

Northern Lights:

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