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Professional Teller

Erin Lessin Mahone

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Contact Erin
ph. 804-869-9804
High school, college, adult.
Story types:
Personal narrative, self-acceptance, song/music
Themed programs and workshops available
Sample videos:

About the Teller

Erin Mahone has been singing and telling stories since she was old enough to speak and stand on the fireplace hearth and perform for her family. Mahone has been a featured storyteller: RISK!, StorySpace, Better Said Than Done, Telltale, Creative Mornings, and more.

She is a singer/storyteller, a facilitator, an author, and the creator of the If You Could See Me Project a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to creating safe space for the telling of brave stories.

Erin is the writer/producer/performer of three solo-shows: “It Runs in the Family,” “Shark Woman Meditates,” & “CycleBreaker: A Self-Love Story,” and the producer of others’ solo-shows. and has been a speaker, emcee, teller, and cabaret performer for events large and small across the country. She also hosts a weekly telling/writing group and host several showcases a year for the group participants.


Mahone is a licensed professional counselor supporting people ages 12+ find peace, make meaning, and develop strength from the stories of their lives. She works primarily with BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Neurodivergent clients. Erin lives in Portland with her partner, her kids, and a perpetually disappointed looking dog. 

Reviews/audience comments

"Erin Mahone has a presence. Absolutely relatable, nurturing and likable, above all. Her obvious chops as a seasoned performer take nothing away from her vulnerability and ability to connect with people of many backgrounds. Her giving nature helps everyone feel included. We were thrilled to have Erin at our conference.”

"Erin Mahone puts mental health front and center,  thereby beginning to dissolve its stigma. The fact  that she does so with humor and grace simply makes her achievement that much more impressive. I cannot think of anyone who would walk away unchanged.”


“Erin Mahone is exactly the type of artist we love to present to our community… she’s a talented singer, dynamic and honest storyteller and humorist, a skilled author, and her work opens eyes, shatters stereotypes and really sticks with you. Audience members came to find me in the days following Erin’s show to share how much it meant to them and how glad they are to have participated.”


"Dynamic and creative, Erin is a terrific speaker and performer! Erin brings a rare level of passion to her work, offering her considerable talents to make a difference in the world. I highly recommend her!" 


“Erin didn’t forget the broken flowers.  No, she restored our voices. She quietly reminded us that we count.  Our stories matter and in speaking our truth, we restore ourselves and others.” 


“Getting to connect with other women and their stories, establish re-connection with myself was both therapeutic and life changing. Erin opened my eyes and my heart with an invaluable experience that continues to grow and unfold before my eyes.” 


“Erin delivered the keynote address for the 2020 Virginia Occupational Therapy Association annual conference. Even in our virtual format, Erin's warmth and insight came shining through. Her stories and ideas were delivered with humor, compassion, and above all, relatability."


As healthcare providers, we sometimes neglect our own mental health - this has certainly been true in 2020. Erin helped re frame why self-compassion matters, and how practicing it will help us deliver more compassionate care to our clients. 


Across the board, our participants expressed that they were inspired and energized by Erin's presentation. Thank you Erin for kicking off our conference so brilliantly."

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