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Professional Teller

Holly Robison

All ages 
Story types:
Fairy/folk, traditional, historical,personal, song/music
Themed programs and workshops available; see below.
Sample video:

About the Teller

Howdy! I grew up in New Mexico. I told stories of my daily adventures to my mom every day after school. My parents say my siblings didn't get a word in at the dinner table until I moved out! I always wanted to be a performer. I found the spotlight on stage whenever I could, singing, acting and dancing with two left feet.
I love the magic that happens when stories are told on stage that capture the imaginations of everyone in the theater! I was studying Theater at BYU when I took a storytelling class and realized I could create that magic as a storyteller. It was then that I found my passion! I hope that as I share stories, others will catch the passion as well. I know that stories are what bind us together and heal our wounds.
My favorite audience is my four children. I have performed for schools, libraries, events and festival all over the world. My stories have been enjoyed at festivals such as the Utah Arts Festival, International Sydney Storytelling Conference, and Edmonton Canada TALES festival.
When I'm not telling a story I love to ride my tandem bike with my prince and two handsome sidekicks. I like to make jewelry, sew, and sing in choirs.
Themed programs 
Oregon Trail
Love advice from fairytales
Magic and Tales
The Power of Body Language
Storytelling 101
Creating Nature Story
Telling Family Stories
Contact Holly
ph 801-440-6857
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