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Professional Teller

Penny Walter

All ages or pre-school, elementary, personal storytelling for grownups
Story types:
Fairy/folk, myth, traditional, original, personal, literary, song/music
Themed programs  and workshops for children and teachers available.
Sample video:
More videos:

About the Teller

Professional Storyteller for Children and Adults

I have been a professional storyteller for both grownups and kids since the beginning. I have owned my own puppet company since 2002. As a storyteller I not only tell for children I also have been on the board of Portland Story Theater since 2005, and have told dozens of personal stories on the stage and also have produced several one-woman shows for adult audiences.

Every kid has a big dream and mine was to be a puppeteer. Ever since I caught a glimpse of the Muppets at the age of 3, I was hooked. But it wasn’t until after I had earned my teaching certificate in Elementary Education with an emphasis in early childhood and had finished my masters of curriculum and instruction at Portland State University, that I finally followed my dream and became a full time puppeteer and storyteller. My master’s thesis was “Teaching with Puppets in the Classroom.”
In 2002, I started Penny’s Puppet Productions. I have created over 50 original story-musicals that feature dozens of puppets with their own unique personalities and voices. I perform in pre-K and K-3 classrooms, I am a favorite at local libraries, and a regular at community festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest. I also appear as an “Artist in Healthcare” at Emanuel Children’s Hospital. In the fall of 2012 I had the pleasure of touring Colombia, South America on a puppet tour and performed over 60 shows in just 30 days for children ranging in age from 4-17 years old. In 2012 I did a similar tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Penny’s Puppet Productions – Professional Puppeteer and Storyteller.


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